“One of the most beneficial seminars I have ever had the pleasure of attending!”

Rock your next event with Mike Agugliaro of CEO Warrior.


Mike arms audiences to accelerate their success

  • The secret way to recruit the very best employees
  • How to build a strong culture of high-performers
  • Cutting edge marketing strategies that work right now
  • How to get out of your truck and start building a service business empire

Don’t see a topic that works for your event? Mike has a massive playbook of strategies that he can draw from to create a custom talk that your audience will love.

“Wow! This was a great session! The speaker was so energetic and passionate. Loved it!!”

These events have featured Mike

  • Comfortech
  • The WWETT Show
  • Hudson Ink’s MegaMarketing
  • Mitsubishi Electric’s Diamond Contractor Conference
  • J&S Supply Co.
  • Aeroseal Success Summit
  • Service World Expo
  • Home Service Chats


Here’s what attendees say about Mike Agugliaro

At the WWETT Show: 100% said attending the class was worthwhile & 98.9% said it was exactly what they needed!

WWETT Show feedback was “Awesome energy! Life changing.” “Very informative and relevant to our situation.” “The message is so relevant, personal and professional.”

Mike Agugliaro CEO Warrior at Profitcon

“When you meet Mike for the first time you feel this sense of power run through you. Just his presence is enough to get you going. The short time I spent with him has completely redefined how I see myself in the workplace and in my personal life. I feel more passionate with everything I do and I have the tools at my disposal to be giving that extra ten percent in everything I do now. He will change your life and I highly recommend everyone and anyone spending as much time as they can learning from him.” – Brady S.

“Passionate, exciting, exhilarating. Just a few words to describe Mike Agugliaro. Our team at ProfessionalChats was blessed with spending an afternoon with this wonderful mind. Mike’s passion and fire brought out the best of our team. We were able to spend time in learning about why we do what we do and putting intent behind action in our day to day lives. His outline of the 9 pillars was truly inspiring and something to hold on to day to day.” -Logan Coy

“BOOM! Great speaker and great information.”

“Totally engaging. Awesome!”

“The training we received from Mike was not only thrilling but inspiring! I have never felt more driven in not just work, but life. He reminded me how important mindset is when it comes to one’s skills, and it’s so easy to become complacent. I truly am grateful for the time that we had gotten to meet and speak with him! He’s encouraged me give 10, even 20% more of myself to my work and my education. It’s a new me that has been born. A new more fierce, confident, leader. If anyone has the chance, meet Mike, and learn from him! You never know what kind of door he’ll open for you.” – Kaitlin Graham

“Meeting with Mike is such a breath of fresh air. Listening to his strategies, engaging in his conversations and learning about his business all spark introspection, giving you the tools to make positive changes that will set you up for success, both in your business and personal life. You’ll learn to take charge of what is important and give 100% more of yourself than you gave before.” -Adrianna McLean

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